Every one wants to make money online for those YOUTUBE is the best option they can earn money from their. But some people don’t know others ways to earn they only know the common methods like Monetization(advertisement) or Promotion.

But here i listed top 7 ways to earn money from youtube.

1: Monetization (Advertisement)

Monetization is a simplest way to earn money. For those who don’t about monetization. Let me tell you that we can monetize our videos so Google can throw some ads on our video  and then these ads generate revenue depending upon the Google policies.For doing monetization you just goto Video Manager and their you find the option of Monetization.


You can earn money from affiliate marketing.You just have to sign up for the affiliate marketing program once you approved you can Promote things with you own Affiliate link.Companies will pay you some percentage if any customer will buy product from your affiliate link.

3:) Donations:

You can add donation button on the about page or you can simply give your paytm no. or paypal account in the description. So if your any viewer wants to donate he an easily donate .

4:) Promotions:

Here Some of Youtubers mainly earn money from promoting products. If you have a descent subscribers (1lakh ~ 1M) you can simply contact to companies to promote their product or you can simply add your business email on your Youtube about section .

5:) Self Promotion:

You can Promote your own product like if you have a website or blog you can promote your own website and bring traffc on your own websites or you can promote your own products. But this method is for the only who have descent subscribers.

6:) Paid Videos:

Paid youtube videos are emerging as a unique and high gross source of income. Here you give highly valuable information to your audience by charging them with a price tag on the video. This way, you do not have to share any revenue with anyone i.e. all that you make is yours.

7:) Paid Advertisement:

You can use the paid promotion system of Facebook, Twitter or youtube to promote your channel on social media. You can also opt for paid youtube promotions, called Youtube Ad Campaign. But it is not advisable to go for paid services into your initial days. Once your incoming viewership gets saturated through all the previous steps, then you must go for paid campaign.

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