Ever wondered How to make Bootable USB Pen drive? So that you don’t have to rely on Empty DVD/CD or Rewritable DVD/CD all the time? Well, the best solution for it to make your USB Pen Drive Bootable one in Just 4 Steps.It will not get damaged or get scratched like DVD and the best thing is pen drive is very compact and handy. Now we are going to see How to make your USB Pen Drive into Bootable OS Pendrive to install Windows or Any OS on your PC/Laptops.


1: ISO file of your favorite OS.

2: Flash drive.

3: Rufus


Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc.

How to make a bootable Pendrive .

Step 1:  Download    Rufus (1 mb software).

Step 2: After opening Rufus.exe it will look like this .

Step 4:) Connect your usb drive .

Step 3:) Select Your OS. By clicking on the highlighted File icon.

Step:5) In the partition block it will be (MBR partition scheme for bios)

Step 6:)Now its ready to use hit on the start button to start making your device bootable .

Watch video to do it properly.

Note: if you have any problem do let us know in comment section.



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