Google assistant : My activities tracking

Here all of us are using google assistant but, some of us know the fact that google app is keep tracking users all activity. Some might find this feature useful however; others might think that it is an invasion of their privacy. but every user have their own opinion.

Here i can show you how you can track your past phone activities.

Just go on to Google app or search bar >>their is clock type (history symbol) click on that>>their are your recent activities shortcut swipe right >> their is my activity card click on that  and you can see your all recent activities


you can disable this feature and can also deleted the stored screenshots.In order delete the screenshots, users just have to open their Google app and tap on the history icon placed on the main screen. Then the list of the searches made in the past seven days will appear on their screen. Users can simply swipe up each search and can get rid of the screenshots.Apart from deleting the screenshots, users can also disable this feature.Just go to the main screen and click on the three horizontal lines placed on the top of the left corner. There you will see the main menu. After that just go to Settings and then tap on Accounts & Privacy. After this another screen will appear and on that you just have to turn off the enable recent option.


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